nude in the park 0
nude in the park 1
nude in the park 2
nude in the park 3
nude in the park 4

In a park in Nuremberg I walk in winter around completely naked!

almost naked in munich 0
almost naked in munich 1
almost naked in munich 2
almost naked in munich 3
almost naked in munich 4

Munich Olympic Centre: Almost naked I walk at the Olympiahalle around .... Everywhere passers ... Pretty tricky! But soooo cool!

Christmas market

Yvette Costeau 3:09 minutes Nudist
Christmas market 0
Christmas market 1
Christmas market 2
Christmas market 3
Christmas market 4

Just in a string and with Santacap in Nuremberg at the Christmas market on the go!

nude near Wurzburg 0
nude near Wurzburg 1
nude near Wurzburg 2
nude near Wurzburg 3
nude near Wurzburg 4

Close to the city center of Würzburg I dress again completely out!

Just off the main road I start the next NIP Action!

naked in bavaria 0
naked in bavaria 1
naked in bavaria 2
naked in bavaria 3
naked in bavaria 4

In conservative Bavaria I walk with my girlfriend naked through the small downtown! People are shocked! Some also very pleased!

 rowing naked 0
 rowing naked 1
 rowing naked 2
 rowing naked 3
 rowing naked 4

On a lake I get naked in a rowing boat and drive as about on the lake ....

Raining in Sweden 0
Raining in Sweden 1
Raining in Sweden 2
Raining in Sweden 3
Raining in Sweden 4

Its raining in Sweden.....

But I was always naked......

Walk at the supermarket 0
Walk at the supermarket 1
Walk at the supermarket 2
Walk at the supermarket 3
Walk at the supermarket 4
A small nude walk naked in front of a supermarket: o)