DIP - Cableties tits in the city 0
DIP - Cableties tits in the city 1
DIP - Cableties tits in the city 2

Yvette gets her naked tits fixed with cable ties! Far from the horny breasts from the body! Then red clothespins are clipped into their smooth shaved pussy. So it's off to the city. She is wearing a sexy outfit, but you can see how her tits are tightly tense. And then .... in the middle of the city and in the middle of the day .... she puts tits and pussy free! Cable ties and clips are visible to everyone .... Krasse Dresscode in Public Action!

 rowing naked 0
 rowing naked 1
 rowing naked 2
 rowing naked 3
 rowing naked 4

On a lake I get naked in a rowing boat and drive as about on the lake ....

Walk at the supermarket 0
Walk at the supermarket 1
Walk at the supermarket 2
Walk at the supermarket 3
Walk at the supermarket 4
A small nude walk naked in front of a supermarket: o)
Frivolous in Munich 0
Frivolous in Munich 1
Frivolous in Munich 2
Frivolous in Munich 3
Frivolous in Munich 4

During a BoundCon in Munich, I'm pretty frivolous and almost naked been traveling in the Olympic center!

For Munich this really is totally fierce!

OMG - if I had been caught there!!

in the snow

Yvette Costeau 1:43 minutes Erotic Nude
in the snow 0
in the snow 1
in the snow 2
in the snow 3
in the snow 4

Total naked in the snow ..... this is pure freedom!

At the Train Station 0
At the Train Station 1
At the Train Station 2
At the Train Station 3
At the Train Station 4

Completely naked and relaxed at the old train station in Zurich ....

Naked Girls in the middle of the city 0
Naked Girls in the middle of the city 1
Naked Girls in the middle of the city 2
Naked Girls in the middle of the city 3
Naked Girls in the middle of the city 4

In the middle of a Bavarian town! Middle of the day!

Since we actually walk totally naked through the streets!

This was a real sensation for the people out there!


The famous clip 0
The famous clip 1
The famous clip 2
The famous clip 3
The famous clip 4

The famous clip
Naked at the petrol station! This clip has been shown on TV!
Yvette Costeau refuels naked and goes even so to pay into the gas station! Wonderful .....!

Walk near Munich 0
Walk near Munich 1
Walk near Munich 2
Walk near Munich 3
Walk near Munich 4

Together with my girlfriend I went for a walk naked in a suburb of Munich! These were probably garages or industrial site that we have there naked ...Pretty sexy, right?